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A collection of favorite travel images from around the world, featuring compositions of cultural objects, architecture, and activities
Akha Tribe Drummer (Myanmar)Maasai Garb with Knife (Kenya)Gargoyle's View of Paris (France)Temple Interior with Crossing Light (Cambodia)A Starling Welcome (Kenya)Palace Door Latch (Morocco)Kayan Guitar & Hat (Myanmar)Riad Staff Shoes (Morocco)Artist's Brushes (Malaysia)Dye Vats (Morocco)Silk Thread Dyeing (Myanmar)Temple & Skyscraper (China)Umbrellas and Flower Wreath (Portugal)Batik Wax Application (Java, Indonesia)Blue Kasbah Door (Morocco)Maple Syrup (Vermont)Eiffel Tower in Springtime (France)Blue Boats at Low Tide (Ireland)Enlightenment (Java, Indonesia)Heavy Metal (Maine)