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Images taken at Rancho de la Osa on March 12 & 13, 2020
Old Arched Gate and Blue Planter (Arizona)Colorful Chairs on Ranch Lodge Porch (Arizona)Horseshoe Chair (Arizona)Blue Bench Outside Ranch CourtyardOpen Arched Gate to Ranch Courtyard (Arizona)Blue Window and Orange Stucco Wall (Arizona)Cattle Roping Practice (Arizona)Old Boarded Window on Orange Ranch Wall (Arizona)Painted Plate Decor on Ranch Fence (Arizona)Cantina Door (Arizona)Cantina Bar Shelves (Arizona)John Wayne at the Ranch (Arizona)Turquoise Building and Light (Arizona)Ladies Outhouse (Arizona)Saddle and Lariat on Ranch Bench (Arizona)Brown Boot in Stitched Stirrup (Arizona)Old Horseshoe Pile on Bench (Arizona)Boot in the Stirrup (Arizona)Cowboy Glare (Arizona)Cowboy and Dog at the Ranch (Arizona)