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Scenes from Lisbon, Sintra, Belem, Nazare, Porto, Evora, and the Algarve Coast in Portugal (April, 2023)
Flag of Portugal on Moorish Castle (Portugal)Umbrellas and Flower Wreath (Portugal)Old Portuguese Dwelling with Green Door (Portugal)Jeronimos Monastery Nave Ceiling (Portugal)Porto Hillside and Bridge (Portugal)Port Wine Barrels on Boat with Seagull (Portugal)Ancient Roman Temple in Evora (Portugal)Moorish Castle at Sintra (Portugal)Stork on Column Nest (Portugal)Ceramic Vat for Catching Octupus (Portugal)Fisherman Cleaning Nets (Portugal)Flag of Portugal on Balcony with Reflection (Portugal)Porto from the Douro River Shore (Portugal)Chapel Bell in Sintra (Portugal)Old Gargoyle at a Monastery (Portugal)Jeronimos Monastery Interior (Portugal)Port Wine Barrels at Caves Calem (Portugal)Pena Palace and Flora (Portugal)Train Station Clock and Tiled Wall Art (Portugal)Scary Fish Fountainhead (Portugal)