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Our collection of images showing people hard at work around the world
Fish for Sale (Thailand)Sulphur Basket Carrier (Java, Indonesia)Copper Artisan with Protractor (Morocco)Road Under Construction (Myanmar)Kayan Woman Weaving (Myanmar)Making Batik (Java, Indonesia)Rio Grande Valley Okra Picker (Texas)Woman Carrying Salt (Cambodia)Woman Cleaning Fish at Market (Cambodia)"Cambodian Crab Boil" (Cambodia)Fishing Net at Sunset (Cambodia)Heating the Still (Myanmar)City Street Vendors (Cambodia)Woman Cooking Flatbread (Cambodia)Trio Thrashing Rice (Bali, Indonesia)Preparing the Crab Bait (Cambodia)Help with the Catch (Bali, Indonesia)Yellowfin Tuna for Export (Bali, Indonesia)Girls Weaving Silk (Cambodia)Crate Maker Family (Bali, Indonesia)