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Eiffel Tower in Springtime (France)Gargoyle's View of Paris (France)From Notre Dame Along the Seine (France)From Notre Dame to Montmartre (France)Castle on the Mosel River (Germany)Manneken Pis Fountain (Belgium)Budapest Market Vendor (Hungary)Gypsy Fiddle Player (Hungary)Fachwerk Architecture in Frankfurt (Germany)Court of the Lions (Spain)Giralda Tower in Seville (Spain)Schloss Vischering (Germany)Seville Holy Week Parade (Spain)Plants at Maria Luisa Park in Seville (Spain)Gypsy Festival (Spain)Painter in the Park (Belgium)Plaza in East Berlin (East Germany, 1977)WWII Memorial (Belgium)Communism Tee Shirt (Hungary)Two Hands and Ball Sculpture (Hungary)