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Mt. Bromo Sunrise with Flowers (Java, Indonesia)Enlightenment (Java, Indonesia)School's Out !!! (Java, Indonesia)Schoolgirl BFFs (Java, Indonesia)Batik Wax Application (Java, Indonesia)Temple Visitor (Java, Indonesia)Sunrise Above the Clouds (Java, Indonesia)Morning Above the Clouds (Java, Indonesia)Gas Warning (Java, Indonesia)Warning Not Heeded (Java, Indonesia)Sulphur Mine at Ijen Crater (Java, Indonesia)Sulphur Mine at Ijen (Java, Indonesia)The Oldest Worker at Ijen (Java, Indonesia)Sulphur Basket Carrier (Java, Indonesia)Carrier Stare (Java, Indonesia)Huh? (Java, Indonesia)Ijen Crater Overlook (Java, Indonesia)Above the Clouds (Java, Indonesia)Mined Sulphur (Java, Indonesia)Mount Bromo Sunrise - 1 (Java, Indonesia)