Fotos Along the Way | Cambodia 2014

Buddhist  Monk Overlooking Countryside (Cambodia)Young Monks in Windows (Cambodia)Temple Dancers on Break (Cambodia)"Cambodian Crab Boil" (Cambodia)Sunrise Chore (Cambodia)Canoes on Shore before Sunrise (Cambodia)Fishing Net at Sunset (Cambodia)Woman Carrying Salt (Cambodia)Fish Preparation at Market (Cambodia)Woman with Basket of Fish (Cambodia)Girls Weaving Silk (Cambodia)Man Harvesting Lotus Plants (Cambodia)Monks Sitting at Mealtime (Cambodia)Girl Preparing Crabs on Dock (Cambodia)Crab Catch (Cambodia)Woman Splitting Wood (Cambodia)Muslim Girl Watching Boats Depart (Cambodia)Woman Praying with Monk (Cambodia)Man Repairing Fishing Net (Cambodia)Boat on River at Sunset (Cambodia)