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Terraces at Sunset (Bali, Indonesia)Balinese Dancers (Bali, Indonesia)Rice Field Terraces - 1 (Bali, Indonesia)Entering the Temple (Bali, Indonesia)Handsome Hindu (Bali, Indonesia)Young Hindu Entertainers (Bali, Indonesia)Happy Young Worshiper (Bali, Indonesia)Drum & Band (Bali, Indonesia)Balinese Dancer - 1 (Bali, Indonesia)Rice Terrace Worker with Baskets - 3 (Bali, Indonesia)Character (Bali, Indonesia)Rice Field Terraces - 8 (Bali, Indonesia)Rice Field Terraces - 3  (Bali, Indonesia)ERUPTION! (Bali, Indonesia)Saron and Hammer (Bali, Indonesia)Rice Terrace Worker (Bali, Indonesia)Row of Temple Steeples (Bali, Indonesia)Decorative Temple Door (Bali, Indonesia)Rice Paddy Scarecrow (Bali, Indonesia)Temple Sunburst (Bali, Indonesia)