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Rio de Janiero (Brazil)Corcovado in the Mist (Brazil)Carnival Puppets (Brazil)Manaus from Rainforest Canopy (Amazonia, Brazil)Native Hut Drawing (Amazonia, Brazil)Swimmers at Rio Negro Beach (Amazonia, Brazil)Rio Negro Bridge (Amazonia, Brazil)Meeting of the Waters - Amazon & Rio Negro Rivers (Amazonia, Brazil)Life in the Amazon Basin #1 (Amazonia, Brazil)Happy Local Girls (Amazonia, Brazil)Monkey Spotters (Amazonia, Brazil)Sunken Canoe (Amazonia, Brazil)Pensive Teen in Canoe (Amazonia, Brazil)Curious Boy in Riverside Home #1 (Amazonia, Brazil)Family Greeting (Amazonia, Brazil)Local Greeting (Amazonia, Brazil)Couple on Riverside Porch (Amazonia, Brazil)Life in the Amazon Basin (Amazonia, Brazil)Double Duty (Amazonia, Brazil)Amazon Basin Settlement Reflection (Amazonia, Brazil)