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Buddha in the Sky (Myanmar)Rice Paddy at Sunrise (Myanmar)Day's End in the Rice Fields (Myanmar)Planting Rice in Morning Mist (Myanmar)Portrait of Akha Tribe Woman (Myanmar)Akha Tribe Drummer (Myanmar)Inle Lake Fisherman Silhouette (Myanmar)Young Monks at Play (Myanmar)A Yawn at Dawn (Myanmar)Kayan Scarf Maker (Myanmar)Kayan Mother & Child (Myanmar)Shwedagon Pagoda at Sunrise (Myanmar)Young Monk in Doorway (Myanmar)Woman on Ubein Bridge (Myanmar)Young Akha Tribe Woman (Myanmar)Young Monk in Mingun (Myanmar)Net Fishing on Taungtaman Lake (Myanmar)Village Market Color (Myanmar)Temples of Began at Sunset (Myanmar)Portrait of Ana Tribe Woman (Myanmar)