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A Study of Individuals in various Asian Countries, including Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and China
Kayan Scarf Maker (Myanmar)Carrier Stare (Java, Indonesia)Tattooed Gentleman (Bali, Indonesia)Young Woman under Parasol (Myanmar)Portrait of Akha Tribe Woman (Myanmar)Character (Bali, Indonesia)Happy Young Worshiper (Bali, Indonesia)Handsome Hindu (Bali, Indonesia)The Oldest Worker at Ijen (Java, Indonesia)Portrait of Ana Tribe Woman (Myanmar)The Shaman of Ana Tribe (Myanmar)Kayan Singer/Songwriter (Myanmar)Sulphur Basket Carrier (Java, Indonesia)Young Boy with thanakha on Face (Myanmar)Have You Seen My Other Sock? (Myanmar)Portrait of Kayan Woman (Myanmar)Portrait of Rice Field Worker (Bali, Indonesia)Smiling Woman Farmer (Cambodia)Teen Posing (Bali, Indonesia)Fashionable Teen at the Temple (Bali, Indonesia)